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We are a young organization with many goals. As we continue to grow, we plan to add additional services including grants for treatment-related travel, assistance for “Life Uninterrupted,” supportive services such as babysitting and housecleaning, an annual young adult cancer conference, and more. In the meantime, we are proud to offer the following services to young adult cancer fighters in the Lowcountry.


Boon Bags

Our Boon Bags are care packages for newly diagnosed young adult cancer patients. They are available at some local oncology offices and can be requested locally by contacting The Boon Project  (843-754-1879 or If you are a newly diagnosed young adult (ages 18-40) and your oncologist isn’t yet connected with The Boon Project, please contact us so we can provide Boon Bags where you receive treatment. Our Boon Bags include organizational tools, water bottles, and various comfort items geared towards supporting young adults with cancer.


Financial Assistance
The Boon Project offers financial assistance grants to qualifying young adult cancer fighters.  Our 2024 Financial Assistance Application form is available here. When the form is complete, please submit it via email to Please also reach out to Katherine if you have any issues or questions regarding Financial Assistance.


Social Gatherings

The Courage Club by The Boon Project hosts no-cost social gatherings where young adult fighters and their families/friends are invited to spend time together in a fun and relaxed environment.


Support at Appointments

Young adult cancer fighters sometimes find themselves facing a cancer fight away from home and their supportive family and friends. Cancer fighters without close family or friends nearby, or whose work schedules conflict with treatment times, can request a companion to attend crucial appointments or treatment sessions. No one fights cancer alone!


Young Adult Cancer Guide

The Boon Project is fortunate to be able to offer the services of a volunteer nurse as our Young Adult Cancer Guide.  Blair is available via phone, email, or scheduled appointment to meet with young adults facing cancer (and their caregivers.)  She does not give medical advice, but rather helps navigate what can be a very confusing and overwhelming process. Please contact Blair through our Boon Project Director, Katherine Brown at or (843) 754-1879.


"Boon Bags"
ready for delivery to area oncology practices.
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