We believe that community is healing and in 2020 we launched a new program to help grow our community! Our selected "Community Ambassadors" act as representatives for The Boon Project and those we serve.


Our 2022 class of Community Ambassadors will participate in a 6-month fundraising and awareness campaign from October 2021 to April 2022. They will highlight issues facing young adults impacted by cancer, share resources and information to serve the demographic, and strive to meet fundraising goals to support the programs and services of The Boon Project. Support them below!





















































Thank you again to all our 2021 Community Ambassadors!

Shelby Collins, 2021 Honored Community Ambassador

Kara Williams, 2021 Honored Community Ambassador

Nick Bianchi and Kevin Meadows (team)

Sam Eby

Vanna James

Muskaan Makkar

Rachel Swiantek


Bethany, 32
Summerville, SC

Bethany has been a Boon Project volunteer for many years and currently serves as one of the leaders of The Boon Project's Fitness Force. She is excited to serve as a Community Ambassador and feels that, "The Boon Project does so much to help their survivors in more ways than one. We try to take care of their mind, body, and spirit as they navigate the struggles of everyday life with a cancer diagnosis." 

Learn more about Bethany and support her campaign here!

Emily, 24
Charleston, SC

Emily is a new Boon Project supporter and has a strong history of raising awareness and support for those who have faced a cancer diagnosis. She is excited to serve as a Boon Community Ambassador to help grow The Boon Project's programs after seeing a good friend benefit from them. She says, "Programs by The Boon Project help meet the unique needs of this demographic, as well as to equip them with resources in their fight."

Support Emily's efforts here

Meet the 2022
Boon Project Community Ambassadors!

Savanna, 25
John's Island, SC

 Savanna is a young adult cancer survivor and has returned for a second year as a Boon Project Commmunity Ambassador. Since her breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy, Savanna has strived to be an outspoken advocate for young adults who face cancer like she did. Savanna shares, "My story is just one in a sea of many, but I hope my voice is enough to spark a wave that creates awareness and change." 

Read Savanna's story and support her here!
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