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Mission Statement:

The Boon Project exists to combat the increased rates of isolation and depression in young adult cancer fighters and survivors, as well as to equip them with resources in their fight to help increase survival rates. The mission of the organization is to support young adult cancer fighters and their unique needs, through providing beneficial programs and creating a cooperative cancer fighting culture that works to heal the whole patient.

Background and Vision:

Young adults fighting cancer face unique challenges. In thirty years, the survival rate for this demographic has not improved in large part due to the added challenge of a cancer diagnosis at this stage in life.  Young adults are more likely to be diagnosed at a late stage of cancer. Cancer patients with young children, little savings, and sophomoric careers are not as readily able to take advantage of treatments that may require travel, time off work, or additional expense.  In addition, young adults fighting cancer must navigate an already very complex phase in life with the added complications of a cancer diagnosis. Relationships with significant others, parents, and children are all dramatically altered as the cancer patient becomes dependent on others for help.  Many young adult cancer patients find themselves diagnosed when living nowhere near family.  They must make the choice of putting life and career on hold to move home for support, or face a cancer fight without the immediate support of family members.

The Boon Project aims to stand in the gap for these cancer fighters. By offering supportive programs, community building events, and cancer fighting resources, we hope to ease the burden for young adult cancer fighters and, in turn, increase the survival rate for this demographic.

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2019-2020 Community Impact Report

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