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When a friend or family member is diagnosed with young adult cancer, you may not know how to support them or what would be helpful.
We have worked with some survivors diagnosed between 18-40(ish) on a list of helpful tips and comfort items. The list is not all-inclusive and is updated as we learn more from those we serve. If you have a tip or comfort item you would like to add, please send us an email. 


  • Contact us by phone or email so that we can serve the young adult cancer patient and get them connected with our community of survivors. (843)-754-1879 or

  • The patient is a young adult and may not ask or want to ask for help. Offering specific assistance or specific choices may be best instead of "let me know what I can do."

  • A meal train for the individual or family. (Have a friend or family member be in charge of receiving and dropping off meals so that the patient doesn't have to worry about seeing anyone or feeling like they need to interact with so many people.)

  • Help with grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, yard upkeep, etc. (Family, volunteers, or a service).

  • Provide free childcare or rides for kid's activities or school.

  • Financial assistance to help keep things as normal as possible for the individual or their family. Our Financial Assistance form is available under "Patient Support."

  • Help with travel arrangements. Offer rides, money for gas and parking, airline miles, hotel points, and free pet-sitting for traveling long distances for appointments and treatment. (Have someone make the travel arrangements so that the patient doesn't have to do it.)

  • Have a support person present at appointments and treatment

  • Provide breaks and support for the primary caregivers and children.

  • Have a volunteer or photographer offer to take individual or family photos. (Some of the young adults we serve have liked that they have pictures of themselves or pictures with their families before their appearance changed.)

  • Encourage mental health check-ins, counseling, and community for the patient, caregivers, and children. (Our Courage Club and Metathriver Group provide community and understanding for young adult patients).

                                       Comfort Item Suggestions:

  • Request a Boon Bag: Our care package for local newly diagnosed young adult patients.

  • Food delivery or grocery store gift cards

  • Blankets, Warm socks, Chapstick, Tissues

  • Books (that are on trend/interesting for young adults)

  • Noise-canceling headphones

  • Water bottles for hot or cold drinks

  • TV, book, or music streaming app subscriptions

  • Age-appropriate hats, zip-ups, slippers, or other clothing items

  • Gift cards for their favorite places or things they are interested in Gifts for caregivers and children

            Boon Project Tips and Comfort Items PDF 

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