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Fitness Force is a new program from The Boon Project. This program encourages and supports cancer survivors and fighters of all ages to maintain physical activity and reach fitness goals with community support. Fitness Force participants will be able to participate in free workout classes and group fitness outings. They will also have access to volunteer accountability partners to help reach their individual fitness goals. 

Fitness Force survivors are also eligible for a Fitness Force Grant to help alleviate cost-related obstacles between themselves and their fitness goals (i.e. gym memberships, new running shoes, workout equipment, etc).

To host our group, or be added to our Fitness Force as a survivor, fighter, or volunteer, please contact or message The Boon Project on Facebook or Instagram!


Upcoming Fitness Force Event:

Summer Mile and

Hydration Challenge!

Participate by sharing your miles completed and hydration in the Fitness Force Group until July 31st. Those who stay engaged or consistently participate will have a special meet-up

complete with fun prizes

at the end of the challenge.

(Miles can be completed by walking, running, biking, swimming, whatever works best for you!)

There is no cost (as always) to be

part of our Fitness Force Group

as a cancer patient or survivor.

Contact Katherine at  if you would like to be added to the Fitness Force group or if you would like to host
our Fitness Force for an event.

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