Thank you so much for your support throughout AYA week, the silent auction, our inaugural class of Community Ambassadors, and the Boon Gala. Thank you also to our sponsors Palmetto Family Dentistry and The Law Office of Jennifer Williams. We are grateful to announce you’ve raised $23,153 (and counting) for young adults fighting cancer!

You’ve truly personified our belief that Community is Healing.


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Upcoming Events:

Courage Club:

Saturday, April 10th at 6:00pm: Watch the free virtual gala to see some familiar faces from Courage Club and learn more about other programs offered through The Boon Project to young adults who face cancer!

Fitness Force:

Saturday, April 10th at 6:00pm: Tune into the free gala on The Boon Project's facebook or youtube to see some  familiar Fitness Force volunteers and participants and learn more about the program!

Official in person Fitness Force events are still on hold, but please keep posting those "sweaty selfies" and encourage each other to move! Remember that you can still apply for Fitness Force scholarships too! 

Contact if you have any questions on Boon Project events or if you would like to get involved!


Young Adult Cancer Fighter or Survivor?

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The Boon Project exists to combat the increased rates of isolation and depression in young adult cancer fighters and survivors, as well as to equip them with resources in their fight to help increase survival rates. The mission of the organization is to support young adult cancer fighters and their unique needs, through providing beneficial programs and creating a cooperative cancer fighting culture that works to heal the whole patient.